car key

If there is a situation where you feel helpless, standing next to your own car without the keys is definitely one of them. No matter if you lost them, if they were stolen, or just not working for some reason, it’s frustrating! Good news is that we can help you with your problem! Our professional auto locksmith team have already opened more than 6,000 cars without damage. Your car will not be a challenge either.

If you have no idea where key might be…

Regardless of whether you lost your car key, or it was stolen, the result is the same: you are standing next to your own car, and you can’t open the doors. The only solution in this case is to call an auto locksmith to the site who will open the car lock without damage.

Standing next to the car, it may seem like everything is lost, but believe me, I’ve seen a lot of these cases and they all ended with a happy ending.

If you accidentally locked your key…

In this case, the key is at your fingertips, you are only separated by a locked door. If you don’t want your car to be damaged during the operation, then do not try homemade solutions, no matter what good ideas you’ve seen on YouTube. Call a specialist, who will help you out in a few minutes, while your car will not be harmed at all.

You have the key, but it doesn’t work…

It is also very annoying if you hold the key in your hand and the car still doesn’t open. In this case, there is a chance that the key or remote control has some issues, but it is also possible that there is something wrong with the locking mechanism. If your car’s battery is low, that can also cause this side effect.

Since it’s hard to figure out what causes the problem, it is not worth trying to fix it on your own.  Call an auto locksmith on site, who will quickly identify the issue, open the doors, and you can get your car back again.

How much time and how much money does it take to open the door without a key?

The price of opening a lock depends on exactly what kind of problem is behind it.  However, it is certain that if the trouble happened at Budapest, we will not charge you extra for disembarkation, and we will be there for you within an hour.

Of course, we always clarify the price before opening the lock, so there will be no surprises.

We guarantee our work; if we can’t open the lock, you don’t have to pay: we will pay for you. We work non-destructively, you won’t have any scratches on your car, and we also have liability insurance in case something goes wrong. But usually it doesn’t.

Call us, and we will open your doors ASAP!